So, you want to build a curling facility…

As curling's popularity grows and the sport spans more of the globe, more clubs are trying to answer the question: how do we build a dedicated curling facility?


Don Piche founded the Traverse City Curling Club in 2014. With steady membership growth, the club was able to open its own dedicated facility in 2023. The five-sheet club was built in a former big box retail site, and will host several national championships in the coming years.

Than Tibbetts started curling in St. Paul before moving to Brooklyn in 2019 where he found a home in the club that plays on outdoor hockey ice. Negative ice, zamboni tracks, thundersnow... they've seen it all. He is co-founder of Brooklyn Curling Center, the latest initiative to build a dedicated curling facility in New York City.


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We're building a community of community builders

Positive Ice

Hosted by Don Piche (Traverse City Curling Club) and Than Tibbetts (Brooklyn / Broomfitters), Positive Ice dives deep to the process of building a vibrant curling community that find a home in the facility it deserves.

Every club starts down this journey starts by asking the same questions that have been asked many times before.

So let's collect that knowledge and build a community of community builders, ice makers and roof raisers. Join Positive Ice's group on Facebook and sign up for updates when the show launches.

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